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Behind Positive Proxy's service, your IP address will no longer be visible to others. You will be completely hidden when using this free service. View now to test out our free proxy service to better protect your privacy and security on the web.

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Start anonymous web browsing with this free proxy

PositiveProxy.com is a free proxy server which guards your online privacy by offering anonymous browsing. This proxy site strives to offer a private and secure browsing experience by hiding your IP address so you can confidently search the web. Furthermore, Positive Proxy provides you with the possibility to unblock sites like Facebook and YouTube.

How to use our proxy server

Using this free proxy service isnt't hard at all. You want to use this proxy because you probably want to hide your online activity as you are at work or at home. Your IP is exposed and you want to hide it or your access to sites is blocked and you want to unblock them. Simply enter the URL (website address) of the site your want to visit in the form above and press 'Surf Now!' to visit the website. You will now be redirected to your desired URL through our proxy. We can't give you the insurance every website will work since some sites block proxies. Make sure you bookmark our proxy so you can come back again later. We offer this proxy as a free service and we have no intention to charge you for using this free anonymous proxy in the future.

How to use our proxy server

We went through the steps on how you can use this free proxy, now let's talk about this service. Positive Proxy is a web-based proxy. This type of proxy uses a server-side mechanism where a page is first requested by our server and then sent back to you. So basically, all traffic goes through our servers and your identity will not be exposed that way. All you need, as a user, is a working web browser. We suggest you always use the latest version of your favourite browser for security reasons and stability. An advantage of our proxy is that you only need to fill in the form with the web address (URL) you want to visit and you press the button to start surfing. We think this is the easiest way to anonymize your presence on the internet. As a user, installing software and paying license fees is not required at all and we are proud to say the service we offer is a completely free proxy unlike other proxies and proxy software bundles.



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